Welcome to Lizard King.

Lizard King was born in 2012 and is aimed at the modern man. The brand name was formed with Jim Morrison as the inspiration - who was the lead singer of The Doors'. His famous poem, 'The Celebration of the Lizard' gave him the nickname of the "Lizard King".

The Lizard King range brings understated sophistication with its slim-fit, semi-tailored style. Our Lizard King shirts are bright and bold, with striking colours and prints. Each Lizard King shirt comes with unique detailing, such as button down collars, button under collars and regular collars with contrasting trim detailing.

Our range also extends into jerseywear and knitwear. Our Lizard King polo's pick up the detailing from the Lizard King shirts, building a vibrant, contrasting range. The Knitwear is available in many different styles, which compliment the shirt range.

You will find our iconic Lizard Logo on all of the garments in an understated way.

All our products are made from natural fibre’s, predominantly combed cotton and fine merino wool.


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